Understanding Different Types Of Catering

So many of the event planners tend to hire professionals for dependable services, to save valuable time and avoid unforeseen drama and problems. It is extremely important to choose an excellent supplier as this is a feature that could literally make or break an event. Catering is picking up pace as a rapidly growing business today. The extent of this service is spreading out and not like earlier, it does not limit itself to preparing food, presenting them attractively and supporting with staff or help. Now it aims crowds that have a preference for finer quality dining services for a wide range of festivals, events, parties and what not.

Mobile Catering

 This refers to catering  using a mobile vehicle that renders its service to particular sites and carries the required food and utensils. This type can be ideal at festivals, certain fairs, events that require meals-to-go and so many other events. The set-up cost is quite low as it is quite small in scale.

Special Events

 This category comes inclusive of all those services that are essential for the event. A good example is wedding catering. The caterer usually will look after of the presentation of the food that comes from a vivid and specialty menu. This type of service could come pre packaged if you hire someone to organize a great scale event; like planning the event, decorating the venue and such.

Business Catering

This service generally deals with providing food for meetings, workshops, retreats, conventions and training sessions. This category never goes out of business as it is not based on a seasons and has a constant high demand. It is very important to get the menu options right as this involves a larger group of people meaning a lot of palettes to please. There must be something for everyone.

Take Home Orders

This is ideal if your event calls for stocked and ready to be given out meals in hand.  They can even be stored in the freezer and reheated when needed. It is a good choice for small parties and small menus. The portion can be decided as you wish. Take home orders are a great choice for holiday parties and events that food has to be available at all times. They also differ with the specialty groups they cater to; such as vegetarian, paleo, healthy options and halal catering services Singapore.

Door to Door

These services offer delightful combinations of items with varied menus, with food personally delivered to your doorstep for your guests to quickly dig into. You could even opt for just to have your food dropped-off so that you can heat them up and serve it whenever needed.