Things To Remember When Organizing An Corporate Event

When you get in to the field of working in an office, there will always come a time where you will have to organizing an event. If you have been given the chance to chair an event at your office don’t take it as a burden or responsibility but take it as an opportunity to showcase your potential to the management. Who knows if you do a good job, it might get you raise or promotion. Always be positive and do your best. Not all corporate events are the same but it normally they all have the same basics as any event. Here is what you will need to look in to when organizing.
Sit and plan – What kind of theme or event are you going to organize? This will help you decide the budget, venue, number of guests, etc. Sit down and write down the expenses that you will come across for the event. How much will you spend food, decorations, invitations, etc. Once that is done make a check list of what and what are needed.
Meet vendors for food and the venue. Choose the menu and venue according the type of event and also depending on who your guests are. Formal events should be in formal venues and formal food choices, vice versa.
Next go shopping for decoration that will suit your theme and your venue. Some decorations might seem nice and suit your theme but it may not suit your venue. Everything has to complement each other. Having a theme colour is best way get selections right.
Prepare a list of guests check with your boss and make sure everyone is on the list and design an invitation to be sent through snail mail or email whichever is convenient for all parties concerned. Today emails are considered formal and accepted methods of communication. In fact, most prefer to have email invitations sent.
If you are expecting some special guests check if you will be giving them token of appreciation. You can speak to your office colleagues for some corporate gift ideas in Singapore for a customized gift to be given to the guest speaker or chief guest.
You should also have someone with you who would be free and able to go out during the event in case you have something important to buy during the middle of the event that gives latest products. You will need a committee to help you out and be in charge for certain things like food, lights, seating, etc.
Remember to always be as calm as possible during the event so that if there are any short comings you will be able to sort them out by thinking straight.