Having The Perfect Smile

If you have laboured your whole childhood with braces and other orthodontic accessories, then you know what a sacrifice it was to get the perfect smile. Unfortunately, the wires don’t end when you remove the braces; maintaining that perfect smile sometimes requires years, if not a lifetime, of care. Here are some of the things you need to do to ensure that your cosmetically enhanced smile remains the same.

Pull Them Out

Half or quarterly year visits to the dentist are a must if your smile was manufactured in the dentist’s chair. This is especially true when your wisdom teeth have not yet made an appearance by the end of the procedures. Wisdom teeth are leftover from the days in evolution when humans needed large teeth at the back to grind hard food. Today, they are superfluous, and crowd the much smaller palate of the modern human being. Wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore is a must if the dentist used braces to rearrange your teeth to fit a good bite. It is a small procedure and easy to do so don’t delay.

Fit Them In

Dentists today are wary of pulling out teeth unless it is absolutely called for as it causes chaos in the positioning of the rest of the teeth. If teeth are pulled unnecessarily, the other teeth around it start slanting towards the hole and the bite goes out of alignment again. In most cases, dentists will fill in the tooth or use a dental implant to prevent other teeth from crowding the hole left by a pulled out tooth. It also makes more cosmetic sense to fill in the hole than leaving it open because your childhood braces would have been meant to give you a perfect smile anyway.

Keep Them On

Once the braces come off, the dentist will fit you with something called a retainer. A retainer is less cumbersome than a brace but it is still a wire that fits across your teeth and keeps them in position. The older retainers had thick upper palates and wire but today you can get transparent retainers that are invisible when you wear them and not as disruptive either. Depending on the nature and extent of the work done on your teeth, the dentist will advise you on how long you will need to wear a retainer. In most cases, children will wear a retainer until their late 20s, when their gums finally stop growing and changing; in others, they will wear retainers at night for the rest of their life.