Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad

The idea of studying abroad may feel exciting. It’s a new place with new people, you can start life afresh. You get an opportunity to see the world, experience new cultures, develop a global perspective and add some points to your CV. However, with all these benefits come its disadvantages too. So here are some of the problems you may face and also solutions for them.

  • Cultural barriers
    Language and cultural barriers exist in every country and hence you need to be ready to cope up with it. If you are fluent in English and you will be studying in an English-speaking country, well good for you. However, if not, you are in trouble. In countries, such as China and Japan, it is essential to learn their language since if not, you may not be able to travel around the city, let alone buy grocery items from a shop. Also, you may experience a drastic change in the religion practiced by locals, clothes, food etc. too. So, it is natural for you to feel stressed and homesick. You could try learning the languages before flying.
  • You are on your own
    After you’ve joined colleges in Brisbane for international students, at the beginning you’d feel independent and excited, however later you’ll feel isolated and realize you no longer have your family and friends beside you. This sickening feeling can lead to depression and hence must be dealt with seriously. Talk to your international students’ guidance unit at the university and keep in touch with a counsellor. Also, make new friends and join a volunteer group. This will keep you occupied so that you will not miss home as much.
  • It’s expensive
    Studying at colleges in Gold Coast for international students is no cake walk when it comes to financials. Your expenses will include tuition fees, accommodation, transportation, food, clothes, bills and many more. You need to sort all this before you leave for university. Take up a part time job to help you in your daily expenses. Also, create a budget and start saving early on. Ask your agent or university if any financial aid or you can try to find the best tuition agency in Singapore for your own comfort.
  • Your credits may not transfer
    You’ve got a great offer to study abroad, you take it, gather all the credits you could and come back to your local university, only to find out your international credits are not valid and cannot be transferred. You’ve already spent your hard-earned money, and now you’ll not be able to graduate on time. Before you leave, make sure your international credits are valid at your local university.