Different Types Of Mobile Apps

In this day and age, everyone uses a smartphone regardless of their station. It has become an essential in most professions as well. There are different apps you can download onto your smartphone depending on the purpose. For example, there are travel apps that you can use to order taxis, beauty apps to brighten up your photos, various games etc. It is something used by people of all ages in different parts over the world. In this article, we will be explaining about three types of apps you will encounter in your mobile experience.
Native appsA native app is one of the most common. It targets a specific platform or device and it is written in a particular language such as Java for android and Objective C for iOS. They will have access to various devices on the phone such as its address book or camera. You have to consider the advantages of each and every platform before selecting one in which to build your app on. You can base it on the market, cost, paid apps and app type. An android app developer in Singapore, if he/she is targeting Asia, Africa or South America will be able to reach a larger target audience than someone writing for Apple.
As mentioned above, a native app is only for one operating system, be it iOS, blackberry, windows phone, android, Symbian, webOS etc. For example, an iOS app developer will be able to reach all devices by Apple. They have a very loyal customer base and the profit market is quite high. But what if you want to reach multiple platforms? This can be done but it will be quite complicated as well. But this way, you will be able to reach an even bigger consumer base.
Web appsA web app is not really an app, they are actually websites that are very similar to the native apps discussed above. They will be written in HTML5 in most cases and they will be run by a browser. You can access the app just as you access a web page. Nowadays a lot of sites use HTML5. This has blurred the separation between web apps and normal web pages. You can design a mobile app to run on a smart mobile web browser.
Hybrid appsHybrid apps are also quite similar to native apps and they are coded with web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. It is an app that uses the same technology that is used for mobile web implementations and websites. It’s the combination of native execution and web technology.