The Alphabets, Scrolls And Brushes Of China

Have you ever noticed scripts and the alphabet of Chinese, Korean, and even Japanese written in a perfectly and beautiful order and has it not intrigued you to find out more about them and – their culture. These ‘letters’ are like any ordinary letters in the alphabet as English and even Mandarin. However, if you notice the dialects or the written passages are often from top to bottom instead of right to left like our – how perplexed can such a language exist. It is true and the way to learn to write or read ids very vague and different from us. How do they write? They do not use the traditional methods of modern days like – pencils and paper; instead they use their traditional method of culture by copying letters to a blank sheet of or rather scroll of paper and uses paintbrushes this enhances the effect of their letters.

Why do they use brushes instead of pencils?
What more, can I say that their conditions, and traditions are different. Hence we can assume that they are different. Although, they have the same passing of rites they do in fact have a different terminology and life compared with the latter of different societies. It is known tradition to have these brushes created for writing and this is the writing tool they use to enhance and create the perfect curves and tracings in the Chinese dialect; although; one may ask where these calligraphy do brushes come from. There are, many centers such as Taimaobi which provide the special keepsakes for your child those precious gifts to be kept as remembrances to serves sass mementos.

Tai Mao Bi, is the first hair cut a baby gets as soon as he/she become a toddler ready to learn a lesson – what such centers do is transform the hair into a tiny gift as remembrances, some even use it as calligraphy brushes.

To gift a calligraphy brush is special
These are the ways in which a child can be kept remembered as special and also, that these are the ways in which a person may find himself the best gift – after all, a pen or in this case a brush, represents a symbol of education and knowledge. Therefore, knowledge is power and its ability is capable to even change the world; a dumb man may never be sought to change the laws of a country. Only knowledge and tactfulness in society and the understanding of the way it works; helps a man be aware. You, nor I can change for when there is knowledge there is everything man can change history and recreate its course. It is important therefore to know that these “keepsakes” may eventually develop a powerful or perfect scholar.